Ivodex Inc.

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Ivodex Inc. was incorporated in 1990. We are a privately owned company and specialize in importation and distribution of textile fibers and selected specialty chemicals.

We are a leading supplier of Lenzing FR. A unique, inherently flame resistant cellulosic fiber. The FR fiber of choice for personal protective apparel. Used extensively by the military, fire service, petrochemical and other markets - wherever protection is required against fire and heat.

For the fashion, activewear and workwear markets, we supply a range of cellulosic fibers. Derived from beech wood. These are innovative fibers developed by Lenzing AG in Austria. Environmentally friendly, sustainable and 100% natural.

Our range of specialty chemicals includes optical brightening agents used in detergents, paper and various other industries and a range of iodine compounds used in food and feed supplements, pharmaceuticals and other applications.

Ivodex serves its clients from strategic warehouses located in Toronto, ON and Charleston, SC.

We create value for our suppliers and customers by efficiently handling the logistics of moving goods from foreign producers to the North American marketplace. Proud of having developed long term human chemistry with our clients and suppliers.